It feels like years since I made this but in this video the an Africa Twin is stripped and fully rebuilt. It’s the motorcycle of choice for a new biker wanting to have his own adventure. This journey proves the all round ability of the Honda Africa Twin. This was once sold on DVD but I decided to make it freely available to every one.

DVD Synopsis:

“Aim for the Horizon Western Europe documents the story of Rob, proving to his friend Dean that anyone can have an adventure and regardless of your situation, you should endeavour to realise your dreams. Deans dream turned out to be a bigger journey than he’d imagined as Rob decides to take it one step further, taking Dean from the depths of despair, to the top of a mountain.

With no big budgets, no grand hotels or support teams they set the ball rolling.”

Following on from Aim For The Horizon – Western Europe and a couple of Sahara trips we decided to cross the Balkans as one of our ride the world stages. Once again the XRV750’s are proving to be superb motorcycles and capable of enduring all terrains and all weather conditions. From sunshine to 6 feet of snow and temperatures down to -10 centigrade the bikes don’t miss a beat.

These videos also include episodes dedicated to off road training, preparing the Africa Twin XRV750 for an adventure and a breakdown of what equipment to take.