Africa Twin RD07 & RD07A Bearings

A worn or failed bearing can cause serious problems so should be inspected often, well maintained and replaced when wear or play starts to show.

Whilst preparing three Africa Twin XRV750 RD07 motorcycles for our Balkan overland adventure we noted down all the bearing numbers needed for the entire bike so we could carry a comprehensive spare set between us. These didn’t include the bearings internal to the engine but all that are relevant to the chassis, suspension and wheels.

As far as I am aware this list is correct but it’s always best to check against the bearings being removed and manufacturers’ documents before fitting them.

If you find any errors with this list please contact me and I can amend the list.

BearingOil Seal
SteeringHeadrace2 x Taper Roller bearing 26x47x15N/A
SuspensionDogbone Section2 x Needle 17x24x172 x 17x24x5
Linkage Section3 x Needle 17x24x17
2 x Needle 20x26x20
4 x 17x24x5
2 x 20x26x4.5
SwingarmLeft Side2 x Roller 6002
1 x Needle 2018 (20x26x16)
1 x 22x32x5
1 x 20x26x4.5
Right Side2 x Needle 2018 (20x26x16)
1 x 20x26x4.5
Front WheelSpeedo Side1 x Roller 620345x55x5
Left Side1 x Roller 620328x42x8
Rear WheelSprocket Carrier Side1 x 6203
Brake Disc Side1 x 6303
AE1313 (25x40x7)
Sprocket Carrier
1 x 6204